1979 Chrysler 300: More real than the last one[?]

Three years ago, we stumbled upon a 1979 Chrysler 300 for sale in Kalamazoo. At that point in history, the storied 300 was not the mass market sedan we know today, or the batshit crazy performance model of 50s and 60s Chrysler passenger cars but a standalone model. No, the 1979 300 was a Cordoba. New grille, bucket seats and a floor shifter and trim notwisthstanding, a Cordoba.
Obvious family resemblance is obvious. In any event, I was concerned about the provenance of the 2013 sighting. Most obvious to me, the slits in the bumper echoed a grille texture that was not in the grille. It seemed like a Cordoba piece. It certainly didn't mesh well with the main grille.

A commenter noted that the fenders lacked the imitation fender vents (evidently copied from a Lincoln Mark V).
No Cordoba mesh in the bumper. Unless you look closer.
[Ed.: Chrysler was notorious for aping other car companies' styling cues at the end of the 1970s. Then Lee Iococca showed up and seemingly made everything a K-car derivative for a decade.] This car seems more real as a 300, because both of those obvious details are is correct here. Maybe they just blacked out the bumper grille back in the day.
Fake vents  deployed.  So sharky.

Shifter and trim seem right

Oh wait - it's still there in the bumper. At least it's blacked out.