Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time

I am a fan of the Mark VII LSC. I am also a fan of convertibles. This car is both together. It's is 100% pure awesome. And also a bit terrifying. On a Mark VII, the air suspension is a nightmare to fix.  IIRC, there are kits to turn it back to a conventional suspension. You would think the parts off a T-Bird would work.

The aftermarket convertible is another concern. This car started out as a pillared coupe. Aftermarket companies like ASC did good work back in the day. It's not clear who did this one.

With that said, this is a perfect car for AZ. It doesn't rain enough to worry too much about whether the top works or seals out the moisture. And, this is a 25+-year-old car. Nobody is going to go push the dynamic limits and expose the adequacy of the structure bolstering.