Dear Yoko

I feel like sleeping on a softball diamond. No, no particular reason.*

What could really make this night complete? it’s 4 am, you’re driving on fumes, having been threatened with arrest asked to leave scout camp and filling the void with drunken orgies driving around aimlessly, since you can’t go home (you’re on a campout, remember?) You’re stone cold sober. Some Buford T. Justice stops you for a burned out headlight and tries to coerce you into admitting a DUI. “You’ll never take me alive, copper.”One equipment violation later, park in the middle of a softball diamond across the street and about 100 yards away from where you got busted the first time this night. Because you are so damn sexy, you get to sleep in the big car with Bagman, and not the Mustang-Pinto with Yoko and Phid...