Adventures in Ubering

An occasional series of adventures from the mean streets.

Tip Your Server
Seriously.  Tip your Uber driver. My first tip came from a lady who was staying at a domestic violence shelter. I gave that $5 to a homeless guy. It just seemed condescending to refuse it, but more wrong to keep it. The only other tip was a couple of bucks from some ASU kids who had been on their own for a while. The dorm kids/parent subsidized kids are cheap little bastards perhaps unfamiliar with the service economy.

I thought I would have more success with the demographic between 7th Ave and 7th St. The sample size is too small to say that part of town is filled with bad tippers. The dude who was high and reeked of bad weed and who called me "she" and "her" on the way to Charlie's really should have thrown some dollars for the hassle.

Watch Out For That Train
Yeah, there's a light rail train and it crosses streets awkwardly. There are signals. Obey them. No tip expected on that one. Hopefully "no harm, no foul" applies.

I'm Not a Racist
I picked up this college kid named Mohamed. Middle Eastern heritage. ESL. Nice guy, lots of questions about cars. Followed his route which inflated the ticket. That was nice.

Anyhoo, we're coming up on this mall and out of nowhere, terror struck. Abject terror "What if those black bags he's lugging have nefarious contents? Does he want to blow up at the mall and take me with"

Where in the world did that come from? This guy has been nothing but nice and polite. Too much cologne, but no real triggers for my Spidey sense. I don't listen to Trump or hate radio or Fox News. I talked myself down and we finished the ride with more pleasant chatting. Still, WTH was that?

I feel dirty and ugly from that. No tip needed that ride either.