Acid Flashback: Little Brother

Dodge Omni GLH
This is the 1986 Dodge Omni GLH Turbo.  GLH stood for goes like hell, and by 1980s standards, it did. We have a soft spot for these awful Rabbit imitators. Yes, they were giant pieces of shit, designed and built by the same people who brought you the Aspen.  Yes, side by side, it was Blatz beer to the VW's Beck's. Still... had to admire the intransigence of Chrysler, at least a little bit.
  • Refusing to redesign the car at any point in its 13 year run (other than dashboard tweaks at the end of the run)
  • Pretending there was any difference whatsoever between Omni and Horizon
  • Refusing to move the rubstrip from the seam line to a lower place where it could actually protect the door.
  • playing warranty poker (like 7/70) with cars that I can personally attest were giant shitboxes that spontaneously failed to run right.

Dodge Omni GLH
At least there is no fake wood any more

Dodge Omni GLH
Velour, like a real sports car.

Dodge Omni GLH
Who needs trendy 1980s ergonomics?

Dodge Omni
The highest, best destiny for most of them.

Dodge Omni
Yellow blinkers.  OOO, how European!

The view from the Ford Escort racing it.


  1. Larry you are a Geek! LOL!! Your opinions on the pics of the GLH, are just opinions. Next time try to do some actual research, history, etc on the cars you are commenting on. You sound like a dopey little spoiled high school kid with his brand new ricer.

  2. Nah, I was the dopey HS kid with the big V8 sedan that was nowhere near as fast or cool as I thought it was.
    I did do actual research. I also lived through it. Rabbits/Golfs were better cars. An opinion, yes, but shared by the non-Chrysler motoring press.
    The Omni and Horizon were the same car. "Badge engineering" was a thing with the Big 3. And yes, the wood was a thing.
    I liked the Escort more but that was mostly brand loyalty. And, I held slim hope that some of the European Escort coolness would make it over. (It didn't.)
    The GLH and GLHS were monsters for the day. Crude pigs wearing lipstick but fast as anybody. They earned my gruging respect for their performance in spite of their humble underpinnings. Don't mistake my snark about the pure 80's design elements or Chrysler cost cutting as hate.

  3. Larry, you do admit to being a dope, LOL. Motor Trend car of the year 1978 Dodge Omni, Plymouth Horizon,1981 Chrysler K cars Dodge Aries, Plymouth Reliant car of the year, yes these cars were much better than you think. Being the contrarian slime ball that you are, I see you praised the ford escort in you ramblings, are you serious? what a major league piece of shit! That takes away any credibility you thought you had.

    P.S. Can you please post some pics of the cars you have recently restored? Maybe your little Escort, LMAO.

  4. 1 - Be polite. You're a guest Cox Communications ( (2 returning visits) Sun City, Arizona.
    2 - Most late 70s/early 80s new American cars were giant piles of shit when first introduced: 79 Mustang - decent in 82 and better in most succeeding MYs; '81 escort. Serious flaws fixed in 82. Pretty average underpowered overweight small car after that. K-cars were crap out of the box, became average a few MYs later. 79 LTD/80 Continental - awful, reasonably competent after about 83. My opinions are based on contemporaneous drives or talking to owners.
    3. - I didn't praise the Escort. I would have back in the day, because I wanted to will it to be good. As I said, brand loyalty.
    4 - CotY from that era is meaningless. Even if these actually were the "best" new cars (they often weren't) that doesn't mean they were good cars.
    1983 AMC / Renault Alliance
    1980 Chevrolet Citation
    1976 Chrysler, Dodge Aspen and Plymouth Volare
    1975 Chevrolet Monza 2+2
    1974 Ford Mustang II
    Those were dark days. I'm gonna have a nightmare about this, probably.
    5 - Unbunch your panties. The red car is 30 years old. Can't we just be glad it survived. Or was restored. I'm glad at least. It doesn't mean the O/Hs weren't POS, but that dispute doesn't really matter since most of them are dead. The other one pictured is effectively dead. I liked the Omnis my dad and brother owned. The 2.2 engine was a monster. The cars were pieces of crap.

  5. Be polite? Did you proof read all the crap you wrote in your post! Is that IP address suppose to scare me? Larry's quote "Can't we be glad it survived." You seem so elated in your remarks about the GLH, every thing you write is a backhanded compliment. I guess that's your thing.

    P.S. Pics please of the cars you have restored? LMAO

  6. Is the red one yours? Is that why you're so defensive about 19-month-old remarks about a long dead model range? Don't be butt hurt. The red one is beautiful. For it's time, it was a great hot hatch. I would rather a GLH survive than the lesser versions.

  7. Larry, you are a genius, you seem like a nice guy,but you are as thick as they come. do you like my writing style? I recently learned it.


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