Renault LeCar: Worst Car Ever?

Frankly, We're beyond amazed that ANY of these still exist.
Renault Le Car

Usually, catastrophic engine failure, ordinary rust or canvas sunroof failure damned them to the junkyard even before the warranty expired.
Renault Le Car How does it feel, Mr. Le Car, to be a worse piece of crap than a Vega?


  1. I thought the Yugo was the worst car ever.

  2. The worst car ever is EASILY the Ford Pinto dude

  3. Those are both good candidates, but this is worse.

  4. I drove my '79 LeCar to past 100,000 miles. I'm sure y'all know it was the original supermini, sold tens of thousands of them throughout Europe.

    1. Charismatic little cars. I loved the look of them. Not the assembly. My friend Bagman had one and it was beyond fail. It made Mustang IIs with the 2.3 seem durable.


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