Scottsdale Auction Week: Who is Andy Hurwich

and why is he following us around Scottsdale?
[Ed.:  This post seems to have gathered the attention of the Googles today (3/31/14).  FWIW, we do not usually out the names of car owners.  Frankly, we could give a shit who owns or drives the grail cars we find unless it's us, or unless that person is signing a check made out to us. However: a- The car came with a sign announcing the owner to the whole world, and b- he was at Gooding,when we were, which seemed impossibly coincidental and c - First Amendment. ]
1975 Lamborghini LP400 Countach
This is his car

We encountered him  [ed.: evidently] at the Arizona Concours d'Elegance.


Andy Hurwich
Andy Hurwich [ed.: evidently] (L)

And then on Saturday, there he was again, in the VIP Hagerty lounge at the Gooding auction, right behind us while we were shooting.
the Internet: Pics or it's not real
Pics? Sounds good in theory, but the Gooding press credentials came at the cost of agreeing not to shoot pics of anybody at the auction without express prior written permission, sealed by a goat priest over the blood of my first born. You'll just have to trust me.

Anyhoo, the short answer is:  that rich guy with the grail car. Pretty much all we know.