Barrett Jackson in a Nutshell

4 Bugatti Veyrons. (Technically, there were 5 for a little bit, but I didn't see the last one.) Not just the one for sale.
Formerly Simon Cowell's. 
$1.375mm does not get you fancy wheels. 
Why?  Why the hell not?  Who doesn't want to see $10mm in Bugattis?  Plus, that is kind of the B-J modus operandi: too many is not enough.  More on that in some subsequent posts.  For now, just enjoy the wretched excess of conspicuous consumption.
Blue on blue, unlike your balls if you're driving it.

My second Vitesse

My first Vitesse, along with the B-J '08 Veyron

"...and i cannot lie"

Nothing up my sleeve.

The one on the right, because: a real color.

Hate the contrast color and the horizontal two-tone...

AB split is better