What The F***

Sometimes you just have to say it. We're just glad someone is not afraid to pop his lights for the camera.
Why hello, you beautiful frog 
Do not understand the mascara on the fenders. (i.e., WTF?) 
Jar Jar Binks does not have a V8
Fancy Parking 
We have the # of a decent car wash, if you're interested

All the beautiful people come to Target on Saturday night


  1. This is a Gem, love the retro wheel, are they custom? I noticed they are very wide and the originals are much thinner, I am looking into 928 and I found one that has the same color and the same alloy wheels design as this one except much thinner, but I love how wide this one has on the photos and has the original retro design. It´s amazing 928 has not got the love they deserve but that is going change drastically in coming years. I thing the price of 928 are going through the roof next Porsche anniversary.

  2. We agree. Thanks for dropping by to comment!


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