If only...

Petrolicious had us interested.  It was almost a go.

  • Title: Production AssistantDetails: Full time
  • Role Summary:- Assisting production team in ALL stages of production  OK

  • Coordinate & reserve hotel rooms, flights, rental cars and equipment. I usually have people for that.-
  • Location scouting I hear Tahiti is quite nice. Italy, Turks and Caicos Islands.  Not Belize (per Saul Goodman) 

- Perform background research for potential stories YEP
- Organize and assist on location video/photo shoots Can I bring my people?
- Office administration assistance Please?
- Team player with a go-getter attitude Really?  Have you seen my work?
Eligibility Requirements: 
- Must live in Los Angeles, California Crap.  The one thing i can't fake.
- Must have a clean driving record As far as you know
- Must be willing to travel, sometimes on short notice

- Must be available to work early mornings (before the sun rises), holidays, and weekends on canyon roads and racetracks, and can put in extra hours with short notice. If you’re looking for a 9-to-5 kind of job, this might not be for you. As a band parent, NBFD
- Dynamic and highly self-motivated individual
- Excellent communication skills
- Strong interpersonal skills
- Detail oriented
- Ability to multi-task and prioritize assignments
- Ability to follow direction and work independently when necessary
- Strong organizational skills
All those?  See my day job.  See also, crazyland. 4000+ posts, 9.5+ years. All shall love me and despair.
Desired Characteristics: 
- Car enthusiast (petrol in your blood) Gasahol, FTW
- 1 to 2 years production experience (internships count)
- Can perform duties as a second camera Duh
    - shoots still photography
    - knows the difference between aperture, f-stop, and ISO (don’t Google it, show us)