Imported from (1979) Detroit

This is the 1977 Ford LTD II 1977 Chevrolet Monte Carlo 1979 Chrysler 300.  Yes.  This is a real thing.  It's no mere Cordoba.  Just look!

It has gauges! And a floor shifter. Plus a GRILLE!!! And a "Characteristic "300" MEDALLION"!!! And wheels!  and an 8 4 barrel!

Wooo Hoooooo!

All yours for just $3811, because that totally does not sound like a number someone pulled out of his ass.



  1. The '79 300 only came in Spinnaker White, with red leather interior.

    I bet that repaint really looks great with the red seats...

    1. that's probably why the windows are overtinted. I didn't even pay attention to the interior because of them.

  2. The side fake breather wings are missing


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