Cars and Coffee: Some Pigs Are More Equal

Dino on FerrariChat, 2/27/2013
PS. Its much appreciated by the store owners and the police that the heavy right feet have been a much lighter. The only problem last month was with advertising. Pit Stop insisted on parking their van in the middle of the event and when they were asked to move by a store owner's representative, he said no and got belligerent, forcing the store owner to make arrangements with the police for next month. Just remember, we are guests at this venue and we need to follow the simple rules.
Previously on Facebook:
ADVERTISING The shop owners pay thousands to put their stores in this center. People attending our event CANNOT PARK THEIR DISPLAYS OR WRAPPED VEHICLES AT THE EVENT. Period, end of story. No...... "I was getting coffee", or any other BS excuse, and then give a hard time to the shop owners/management. You are a guest, and that invite can be removed. The owners and vendors are filing a notice with the police. If this happens again, you will be ticketed, towed and removed. Take notice.
This guy seemed to be OK, hyping a sales company.
This guy, with the granite samples in his trunk, is there most months. Fiat and Mini plant cars all the time. Nobody says shit.