We should have nuked the 1980s

1985 Buick Electra Park Avenue
Get off my lawn - er  -  car lot[

Reason 412:  Take this ad to your Century Buick/local Buick dealer for a free test drive of the new 1985 Buick Electra
Your local Buick dealer:  You're under 60.
Savage Henry:  And?
Your local Buick dealer:  This one in the showroom is our only one.
SH:  And?
Your local Buick dealer:  Ir will cost us $40 to detail it and put it back.
SH:  And?
Your local Buick dealer:  You're fucking stoned, and you're leaking Doritos and Twizzlers out of your jacket.
SH:  And?  I swear this won't end like that Doctor Gonzo freak and the Cougar.
Your local Buick dealer:  Just get the fuck out of here. *dials 911*
We don't hate your money, kid. Just you


  1. We should have nuked you, fuckface.

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