Diamonds ARE forever. Bond surfaces in Vegas

It seems so obvious.
  • An Aston Martin at the casino
Aston Martin @ Circus Circus
When was the last time|you visited a circus?
  • A couple of gay assassins (Elvis Wint and Rick James Bitch Kidd) with bad hair and too much gold.
A couple of gay assassins with bad hair and too much gold
If at first you don't succeed, Mr Kidd... Try, try again, Mr Wint.
  • A red Mustang.
2006 Ford Mustang
Relax! You've got a friend|named Felix who can fix anything... Unfortunately, so can Willard Whyte.

  • So many casinos to choose from.

Casino Royale
Wrong movie.

  • Unfortunate windows

wynn las vegas
Plenty O'Toole will find out if there's a pool down there


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