Kid Rock, Walmart, trailer parks and Ohio. MULLETS ROOL!!!

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="640"]Chevrolet Camaro gen 3 Wow, what are those round things where the cinder blocks are supposed to go?[/caption]

Man, were we stupid in in the 1980s. Few were immune.

  • Phid's brother:  he is partially excused because his was free.  But, it was a Berlinetta, and not a Z or IROC, so he fails.

  • I rented one  a couple of times for fraternity banquets - base model, and I (not coincidentally) never got laid at fraternity banquets, fancy car or not, so I fail as well.

  • My secretary 10 years ago bought a convertible version of the generation following the one above.  She was hot, but was from (and moved back to) Ohio, so she fails.

  • 3 feet of unused space in the nose (on the next generation from this one) just to keep the profile.  It's like a Monte Carlo

  • [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="228"] The snout that launched a thousand discos[/caption]


  1. AJ Simon stopped driving his '57 Chevy convertible in favor of one of these. He difinitely fails. At least Rick stayed true to his Power Wagon.

  2. Excellent 80s reference. That show was anemic plastic crap like the Camaro. Magnum and his 308GTSi totally kicked its ass.

  3. It was, in fact, owned by Phid. We can't blame it on his hapless bro. BTW it was not free, but a heavy investment coinciding with the long awaited death of the Starfire. I think I paid $4000 for that POS in 87 or so.

  4. No, I am thinking about the present from Grandma.

    Sorta like this:

    Yours was flashed back here

  5. I stand corrected. Somehow I completely blocked any memory associated with that vehicle


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